Shibby Shitegeist

Shibby Shitegeist is the nom-de-jeux employed by an aural manipulator and facilitator of personal somatic practice.

Translation: Shibby Shitegeist is a DJ. This is not her real name.

Shibby's mixes are often erratic in style and mood, inspired by the pleasure she finds in stark contrasts, whether it's textual and rhythmic differences, or the shift from light and quirky to dark and moody. She likes to think of this approach as 'juxto-techno'. Her Live DJ sets feature tracks and samples from many so-called sub-genres (especially if they have a dubby-tinge), but it's probably easier to call it 'techno'.  

2013 sees her first released remixes on Doma MusiqueCoal, Bleepsequence, and Deep Square. She is also working on her first EP for Make Mistakes. Her energectic sound, loosely existing with(in) the realms of minimal techno, can be described as non-compromising and full of quirk.

Since autumn 2011 Shibby has played internationally at the Beatport Lounge, Norad Dance Bar (Denver, Colorado), 2739Edwin, (Hamtramck, Michigan), La Mi-Ja de La Mezcalera (Tijuana, Mexico), Pudel Club (Hamburg), Smarties Bar (Nice, France), Raw Temple Club (Berlin), and for Blackbox and Mini Malice (Montreal). She regularly contributes podcasts and guest-mixes to radio shows such as FutureMusic, Sceen.FM, Dissident Island Radio, StudioFeed Toronto for HushLamb, and (Hamburg).

As of December 2013 Shibby will be co-hosting Plymouth's Subheavy Radio Show on with a monthly slot that will showcase some of her favourite artists. She has also contributed guest-mixes all over the place and performed live on radio shows such as Dissident Island (London), StudioFeed for HushLamb (Toronto) and (Hamburg). 

As a continuing resident DJ for official rave experts JamTheChannel she has been lucky to share the bill with some incredible artists. Her UK appearances include playing at Corsica Studios, Cargo, Russian Bar, Red Star, Question Mark, Skream Bar, Urban Bar,  Moustache Bar, LARC, Unit 10, Stunners, The Croft, Take5, The Island, Basement 45, Musicquarium, Cavern Club and many others.

In 2006 Shibby co-founded DANZSHLAG, one of the first minimal techno parties in the Southwest of England. DANZSHLAG touched down in different cities (London, Bristol, Plymouth, Hamburg) in a range of warehouses, clubs and bars. The night, whose slogan was 'purveyors of four to the floor frag-beat and fuck-step', offered guest-spots to the likes of Dualism, Daegon, Tim Sheridan, Falling Cows, David Last, Filastine, Coleco and Victoria Klewin, Nokken, DoubtingThomas, Patrick Bolton, Damien Schneider, EMPTYSET and many more. DoubtingThomas, Patrick Bolton, Damien Schneider, EMPTYSET and many more. 

Whether it's excited conversation in the corner of a club, event's promotion, mixing, remixing, producing, or editing music videos, Shibby's ultimate desire is to share sounds with you. ♥ 

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